The guac is to die for.

165 W. Clark Ave.
Orcutt, CA 93455

Okay, so I promise that the bulk of my posts are going to be about Portland, but I’m still living in good old Santa Maria, California, so I might as well blog about some of my favorites while I’m still here. There’s not much in the way of fine dining in Santa Maria, but just 15 minutes south is the quaint town of Old Orcutt. It’s full of little gems, and if you’re ever making the drive to Los Angeles, I highly suggest you stop here for a meal!
Okay, so I stole this from a yelp review. It was my review, but it still feels shameful. That’s also the reason there are only two pictures. When I took them, I wasn’t planning on having a food blog, but now here we are and I must deal with the consequences! I promise these posts will be much more detailed in the future.
Okay, the restaurant. First off, the atmosphere is romantic without becoming gaudy. The servers are wonderful and professional and I’ve never had to wait long to be taken to a table. Both indoors and outdoors, the tables are all prime. I haven’t had a chance to sit at the taco bar yet so that gives me another excuse to go back!
They bring you these amazing warm fluffy corn tortillas made at the taco bar, and you have to try them with the honey orange butter they give you. It’s divine.
I had a Passion Fruit Margarita and it was delicious! Not too sweet, with the right level of sour. The plain margaritas are good as well. However, I tried some of the strawberry lemonade and found it to be really syrupy and sweet.

The Duck Mole. It's seriously incredible.
The Duck Mole. It’s seriously incredible.

I’ve had the Duck and Sweet Potato Chimichanga twice and it was my favorite thing on the menu! Sadly, the third time I was there it wasn’t available anymore, so I’m thinking it was seasonal. I hope it’s only temporary because I would buy one of those every single day if I could. So delicious.
All of the entrees are incredible. The tacos are awesome (try the coffee braised one, it sounds odd but it works so well!), the White Enchiladas are sooo different and tasty, and the Duck Mole is to die for. The duck is crispy-skinned and tender, and covered in this delicious citrusy mole sauce that’s not too spicy, nor is the flavor of chocolate too overpowering. I love chocolate, but I’ve had a couple moles that would better be described as “chocolaty meat sauce”. It’s served on a plantain cake that is nice and sweet and compliments the savory duck. I’ve had it two out of the three times I’ve been here.
A great experience for a great price! I love that they also have concerts and events. Makes the community feel involved in the restaurant, which is important!


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