Kay’s Country Kitchen

Such a cute little building!
Such a cute little building!

127 East Clark Avenue
Old Orcutt, CA 93457

Well, our apartment is flooded after that crazy-awesome storm last night! I couldn’t care less, the boyfriend and I are moving in less than two months, and if there’s anything California needs, it’s a good rainstorm. Besides, I had made up my mind, despite the flood warnings and violent winds, that tomorrow I was having brunch at Kay’s, darn it. Nothing can stop me when I’ve got my mind set on food. Which is what brings us today to one of my favorite breakfast joints. It’s a little bit of a local secret around here, and I can see why! Imagine, if you will: You are a college student, going to classes 6 days a week, up to 11 hours a day, chugging energy drinks between classes and sleeping in the parking lot. On your last school-day of the week, you celebrate with your pals, and when you wake up, what else can you do but recover at Kay’s Country Kitchen! This place is seriously awesome. When I was still a student in Santa Maria, my classmates and I would frequent Kay’s on our day off, and it always offered something perfectly delicious for everyone. The atmosphere is that of a quaint country kitchen; welcoming, cheery, and casual. The boyfriend and I chose to sit ourselves in the back patio, which was so cute.

It was lovely to enjoy good food while watching the rain!
It was lovely to enjoy good food while watching the rain!
The Hot-Mess Muffin. It's clogging my arteries with pure happiness.
The Hot-Mess Muffin. It’s clogging my arteries with pure happiness.

I noticed they had made a couple changes to the menu, so I had to try something new. We chose to share the Hot-Mess Muffin as an appetizer, so to speak. So what if it was on the dessert menu! That’s what brunch is all about! This is one of Kay’s perfect blueberry muffins, battered and deep fried, and drizzled with caramel and whipped cream. Oh my gahh. It’s just pure greasy sugary greatness, kind of like a funnel cake mixed with French toast. It was scrumptious and there was a perfect amount to share while still maintaining an appetite. If you like sweet breakfasts, you should not miss this!

This omelet featured prominently in my dreams last night.
This omelet featured prominently in my dreams last night.

I knew since last night that I was ordering the perfectly named “Too Much to Drink Last Night”. While I didn’t have too much to drink last night, I do love comfort food and this omelet is hard to pass up. This is not a beautiful looking dish, but trust me. That’s not what you’re paying for here. It’s got diced chicken fried steak, crispy bacon, jack and cheddar cheese, and it’s all literally smothered in house-made sausage and bacon gravy!

The first picture doesn't give justice to this sizeable mountain of meatiness.
The first picture doesn’t give justice to this sizeable mountain of meatiness.

 Let’s be honest. I wasn’t worried that the gravy was going to overpower the dish. I was very gravy positive. But in retrospect, I can appreciate the subtleness of the gravy’s flavors. It was delicious, but not at all overpowering, and it didn’t soggy up the crispy chicken fried steak bits at all. Nik said he thought there was a little too much bacon in the omelet, which I can agree with but don’t really mind. The very thought of there being such a thing as “too much bacon” is still alien to me.
Nik ordered the Santa Maria Tri-Tip eggs benedict, and it was also quite good. The dill-Hollandaise was nice and light, and the egg was perfectly poached! The tri-tip was also very tender. The waitress accidentally brought us a half-sized portion, but realized her mistake and brought us a second plate. To be honest, the half-sized was enough for us! It was very good, but I do wish there were some sort of veggie element to this dish. It was just missing something texturally, but the flavor was all there!

Just half of the eggs benedict!
Just half of the eggs benedict!

Each of our meals also came with either hash-browns, home fries, or fresh fruit, and our choice of toast, tortillas, cottage cheese, tomatoes, a muffin or a biscuit. The portions were huge! We definitely could have shared and both been happily full, but I like trying a variety of things too much to ever do that! The prices were good for the amount of food we got; about $11 for each of our plates and $5 for our Hot-Mess Muffin. This may be the last time I eat here before we move to Portland, but I know it won’t be the last time ever. It’s definitely worth it to make another trip.


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