Thai Orchid

Combo appetizer plate. Drool.
Combo appetizer plate. Drool.

213 West 11th Street
Vancouver, WA 98660

Today we got up bright and early and drove to Vancouver to look at some potential homes for me and Nik! I was so in love with the area as soon as we got there, there were so many beautiful trees and it was so brisk and green! In other words, nothing at all like Santa Maria. Ugh. I definitely fell in love with a few apartments. I will keep y’all updated, in case you care about more than just food. (If you’re anything like me, doubtful.)
Anyway, today for lunch we took a chance on a place we drove by called Thai Orchid. Yelp reassured me that this place was pretty good, so I thought “why not”. I was expecting to walk into a quaint little Thai restaurant, but I was floored when instead we walked into a huge, industrial, happening joint! The atmosphere was modern and very young. Not at all like I thought it would be, so I was intrigued.
I knew everyone else would get curries, so I got the appetizer sampler. It came with Po Pia Tod (Spring Rolls), Tao Hoo Tod(Fried Tofu), Chicken Satay, and Giew Tod (crispy chicken won-tons).  Oh my god. Everything was perfect. The spring rolls had great flavor, the fried tofu was so fluffy and cloud-like on the inside and seriously crispy crunchy on the outside. The sweet chili sauce they were served with was a perfect compliment to the subtle flavor of the tofu. The chicken satay was perfect, and after it was gone I even finished off the peanut satay sauce because it was so good. The won-tons were also fantastic.

Tom Kha. One of my favorite soups ever.
Tom Kha. One of my favorite soups ever.

I also ordered Tom Kha, which is a coconut milk based soup with lemongrass and other Thai herbs, mushrooms, and chicken. I’ve had this soup at pretty much every Thai restaurant I’ve ever been too, and this one was equally delicious.  It was a little less sweet than most Tom Kha soups, but that didn’t change the fact that it was very flavorful and refreshing.

BAM. Curry.
BAM. Curry.
Bangkok roll.

My dad ordered a pretty standard yellow curry with chicken. Despite this, it was solid. The perfect amount of spice, the veggies were perfectly cooked, and I was pretty surprised there weren’t any potatoes in this dish, but it was nice to have a curry without feeling heavy from all those taters.
Olivia got the Bangkok roll, which was stuffed with tuna, salmon, yellow tail, cream cheese, batter-fried, then topped with a sweet sauce and spicy mayo. Dayuum. I don’t usually like deep fried sushi, because for some reason I’ve never actually gotten a crispy finish. It’s always pretty soggy when I end up getting it. I don’t know why. It’s always good in theory, but never quite works out. This one was awesome. It was so crunchy, and there wasn’t too much cream cheese, so the delicate flavors of the fish weren’t overpowered. I’d like to come back here and try more of their sushi, since this was the only roll we ordered and it was delicious.

Good news: Delicious Bad news: It was a special. NEVER AGAIN.
Good news: Delicious
Bad news: It was a special. NEVER AGAIN.

So my mom got one of the specials, which was a creamy curry with shrimp and egg noodles. I can’t stop thinking about this dish. There were soft noodles underneath, and crispy fried noodles on top, giving the dish the perfect textural balance. I’ve never had noodles and curry before, but they worked really well together and I’ll definitely be experimenting with the combination in the future. The curry really was creamy, which is something I’ve never really experienced on this level before. It had a slight pumpkin flavor to it, which is odd because I don’t think there was pumpkin in it, but I’m not complaining. It was delicious. We finished off all the noodles and I took home the extra curry sauce and ate it cold like soup. It was still just as good. Ugh. Seriously. If you ever find yourself in Vancouver, and you happen to be downtown and end up going to Thai Orchid, which I heartily recommend, and there just happens to be something described as a “creamy curry” on the special board DON’T THINK JUST ORDER THAT. It’s perfection in a dish.
Well, that’s it for today! I’m eating a lot this weekend, and I’m trying to space the reviews out so I don’t bomb anybody’s inbox. Keep a look out for my next Portland post! I’m having such an amazing time exploring this beautiful city, and I can’t wait to call it my home!


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