KOi Fusion PDX

A Korean Cheesesteak is not something you get to order every day.
A Korean Cheesesteak is not something you get to order every day.

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I’ve got to start off here by coming clean and saying that this meal was eaten at the PDX Airport. Now, I don’t consider myself a “food snob” but I do have standards, and I would never bore you guys by reviewing some chain restaurant or anything else to that standard. But, we’re still in Portland, and so of course they have some pretty incredible choices at their famous airport. One of the options is KOi Fusion, a full service food truck located in the café area of the airport. They have several other trucks in Portland, but we happened to stumble upon this one. KOi Fusion boasts a menu full of Korean and Mexican mash-ups, such as Kimchee Quesadillas and Korean BBQ Burritos, and it’s just about the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen. But of course I was intrigued!

Sweet, sweet, sweet potato fries.
Sweet, sweet, sesame sweet potato fries.

I ordered the Korean Cheesesteak (pictured at the top), which apparently is not a part of their regular menu, or perhaps is a new item. Either way, it’s not on their online menu, and it should be. You get to choose which meat you want, so I went with the Korean Short ribs. It was delightful and so different than what I’m used to tasting! The meat was succulent, having been marinated for hours in a secret sauce to keep the meat tender and flavorful. All the traditional flavors of a good Korean BBQ were there, with some extra chili and garlic to boot. The Kimchee was the perfect acidic element to the dish, adding a nice sweet rice vinegar flavor that cut through the fatty meat. It was also some of the best Kimchee I’ve tried, which is saying something as I’m not usually a fan. Everything was perfectly cooked and served on a super soft bun. It was a delicious, albeit messy meal (make sure you grab plenty of napkins, it’s going to fall apart!) that I look forward to trying again!
Oh, the sweet potato fries were also killer, made fresh and sprinkled with sesame seeds. You definitely need to grab these as a side!

The K-Dog.
The K-Dog.

We also tried the K-Dog and I think I fell in love a little bit. You know how a hot dog is just inherently great? And the only way to make it better is to add bacon? So now you’ve got a bacon-wrapped hot dog and you’re probably thinking there is nothing on this Earth better than that- and then Koi Fusion introduced the K-Dog. They took a bacon-dog and smothered it in your choice of Korean BBQ Meat (we chose Pork for this one), Kimchee, and Japanese Mayo. You are officially in Foodie-Hot Dog Heaven, which is a very specific part of Heaven that I assure you, exists.
The hot dog itself is one of the best I’ve ever had, and the bacon is crispy and smoky. The BBQ pork on this one packs a bit of a kick! So if you’re not a fan of spicy, stick to something else, but if you like spice, the BBQ pork is wonderful. Thinly sliced and full of delicious Korean flavor. I’ve always loved Japanese mayo on anything, and it was definitely the perfect topping to the best hot dog I’ve ever had in my life. This one is a favorite for sure!
The prices here are great too, we paid $8.50 each for the Cheesesteak and K-Dog, and $3 for the fries. It was a good size, too!
Alright, I’ve got one more post for you guys coming from Portland before I’m back on the Central Coast for a couple more weeks, and then after that everything will be coming up Portland for quite a while! Keep your fingers crossed for me so that I will be approved for my dream apartment! (It’s luxuriously large, something Santa Maria doesn’t really offer.) I’m seriously excited for the amazing food this next year is going to bring!


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