La Princesa

El Pastor Burrito
El Pastor Burrito

1000 North Broadway,
Santa Maria, CA 93454

Hey! Sorry! Cell-phone pictures! Yuck! I can’t promise it won’t happen again but I can say very sincerely that it deeply hurts me when it does. Nothing I hate more than grainy instagram-quality pictures of food. That’s a lie, I think I hate “slow-jams” more. GET OFF MY RADIO!
Now that I’m done being an old man, I’ll tell you guys about the food. La Princesa is not a restaurant, but my favorite Mexican Market in all of Santa Maria, and if you’ve ever been there you’ll know there’s a ton of them. Nik and I discovered this place when we first met, and we’ve been going back for $5 burritos since. That’s right, $5! Well, technically it’s $4.99 but let’s be honest here. These burritos are definitely worth it. I always order the pastor, which is perfect. The burrito is the size of a small baby and they definitely don’t skimp on the meat, as you can see above. The burrito has all the fixin’s, beans, rice, cilantro, onions, and tons of meat. The pastor here isn’t too spicy but is bursting with flavor! I’ve never gotten a chunk of pineapple, which I’m okay with but other people might have qualms with this. The pineapple flavor is there, but often when there is a lot of big pieces in the dish it can be a little overwhelming, and the meat is supposed to be the star!

The deli at La Princesa. You can order a pound or two of pastor or fajitas to cook at home!
The deli at La Princesa. You can order a pound or two of pastor or fajitas to cook at home!
Burrito with Shrimp
Burrito with Shrimp

I felt a little bad writing this review because I only ever order pastor burritos. I’ve tried the carnitas and the asada burritos as well, and they were excellent, but pastor holds a special place in my heart for some reason. La Princesa has other menu items besides burritos, such as tacos, enchiladas, and daily specials. I’ve tried none of them. This is a terrible review!
We did try the shrimp burrito for this reason. It was an extra $2, but it was pretty big and had a lot of shrimp. Sadly, the shrimp tasted good but the texture didn’t make them seem all that fresh, if you know what I mean. Not extremely juicy and plump. The overall flavor of the burrito was great, and I’ve enjoyed all the burritos I’ve gotten there thus far.
The reason I wanted to write this review is because I’m leaving so soon and I wanted to fondly remember a place that holds so many memories of my time in Santa Maria. I didn’t like it all that much, but this place definitely made up for a lot of my general dislike of the area. The pricing is excellent, with $4.99 getting you a huge, freshly prepared burrito and a can of soda. (You don’t get to pick your own soda, but the novelty of that is pretty cool I guess.)
That’s it for this short review! My time in Santa Maria is limited but I think I’ve got one or two more posts left in me before we’re away to our new home up north. Love you all!


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