The Grilled Cheese Incident

Food trucks are coming to Los Osos!


Sorry about the cell-phone pictures! I was not expecting to do a review today, because I was not expecting to eat at a food truck today! Also sorry about lying. The last post was not my last post in California. I’m an absolute mess. We are leaving today, so I’m going to not apologize for it. I take it all back!
The menu at this truck was pretty small, but specific and everything sounded so good that it was hard to choose! There was one other menu item on another sheet, it was some sort of pulled pork masterpiece. I’m sure it sounded amazing as well! I ended up choosing the Hangover, which was every bit as scrumptious as I hoped it would be!

"The Hangover"
“The Hangover”

The fried egg was the perfect addition to this cheesy monster of a sandwich! Nik and I shared it and it was the perfect amount of food for a light lunch. The bacon jam was awesome, it added a nice smokey and salty crunch to the sandwich, but I was hoping for a little more heat and sweetness to the sandwich. The cheese was everything I needed it to be. All in all, a great effort on The Grilled Cheese Incident’s part to introduce gourmet food trucks to the Central Coast! I’m very impressed!


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