Duck Hash. You were all my wildest dreams come true.
Duck Hash. You were all my wildest dreams come true.

2838 SE Belmont St.
Portland, OR 97214

Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day! This post is a couple days late because Nik and I were too lazy busy to set up our internet connection when we got here. What an epic drive that was. And I use epic in its original definition, meaning of extreme length. Brutal. 15 consecutive hours of towing a trailer from Central California to Washington, all while dealing with two very unhappy cats trapped in the backseat. Oh, and we did it all at night, too. We really like to make things easy on ourselves.
The story of how we got here could take up another post entirely, but instead I need to tell you about what got me through that awful, awful car ride across the never-ending expanse of California. I was thinking about how on Valentine’s day I would be eating brunch at Accanto! I read all about it of course, and we made reservations far in advance. (Definitely make reservations for a weekend brunch!) Accanto, if you’re reading this, thank you. You’re basically the reason I moved here.

Ricotta Donuts with Lemon Curd that is just bursting with sunshine!
Ricotta Donuts with Lemon Curd that is just bursting with sunshine!

Accanto boasts a sleek design with pops of light blue. The joint got crowded quickly, but Nik and I both agreed that the space still felt intimate. The amazing wait-staff definitely lit up the whole restaurant. They were incredibly helpful and seemed to really enjoy their job!
We started off with the Ricotta Donuts at our waiter’s suggestion, and since it was a special occasion we also ordered the Violet Beauregard, which is a cocktail I have definitely never tried before! The Ricotta Donuts were more cakey than crispy, which I enjoyed because it was more of a vehicle for the amazing lemon curd they were served with. It was absolutely bursting with the incredibly fresh and tangy flavor of lemons. Seriously, this was lemon overload. It was awesome. There were enough for a couple people to share without filling up! The Violet Beauregard consisted of prosecco, Créme de Violette, and Farigoule, and it was pretty dang tasty! It was extremely bubbly, and the Créme de Violette created a very interesting hue and slightly sweet floral note to the drink. The lemon really cut the sweetness and balanced the cocktail well.

The Violet Beauregard

I ordered the Duck Hash (pictured up top) because I decided months in advance that I was ordering the Duck Hash and it’s really hard to change my mind after it’s made up, even though there were things on the menu I hadn’t seen before (cornflake crusted challah french toast? Oh my god.) I was definitely not disappointed with my decision. First off, the presentation! Wow! The colors in this dish are so gorgeous! The hash had both regular and sweet potatoes, apples, Brussels sprouts, kale, and shredded roast duck. The flavors played together so well, and since I’m not used to seeing Brussels sprouts on a menu (Californians are generally not a fan) I was very excited to have them prepared so excellently! The apples gave the hash a nice tart crunch to cut the savory richness of the duck, which was also excellent and not at all overwhelming. The eggs were cooked well, and though I would have preferred my yolks a little runnier, they were still very creamy and enjoyable. The bacon and onion soubise really tied the dish together with a strong savory punch. This was probably the best hash I’ve ever had. We kept looking at each other and saying “Oh my god this is so good.”

Bennies. Mmm.
Bennies. Mmm.

Nik ordered the Lobster Eggs Benedict, and it was divine. There was a lot of lobster on this thing! It was fresh and plump and so sooo buttery. It was big pieces too, none of that shredded business. Big, juicy pieces taken directly from the claws and right on top of some spinach and a toasted English muffin. The hollandaise was insanely good, too. It was a little lighter and not as rich as a traditional hollandaise, which was perfect because with the rich buttery lobster it would have been too much! The potatoes it was served with were the crispiest home-fries I’ve ever crunched on! I kept sneaking bites when Nik looked away. They were wonderful.
The prices were a little higher, but definitely more than reasonable for what we ordered. The lobster dish was $16 and the duck was $15, and we were both very satisfied with our portion sizes! For great service, amazing food and atmosphere, and a great selection of drinks and cocktails with a full bar, this place is well worth it! We’ll definitely be back to try the dinner menu, which is mostly Italian fare. I still can’t get over the fact that we live here now! I don’t have to leave and go back home! This is home! Wow!

So ready to dig in again!
So ready to dig in again!

Till next time won’t be long!


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