Wolf and Bear’s

Short and sweet menu!
Short and sweet menu!

3925 N. Mississippi Ave
Portland, OR 97227

We were exploring the adorable Mississippi Street one morning when we stumbled across Wolf and Bear’s. They are an all-vegetarian middle-eastern food cart with several locations that you can find on their website. We were immediately drawn in to the covered patio with picnic table seating and flowers on every table. I like when food carts make an effort to provide their customers with comfortable seating, so this was a big green flag for me! I’d heard of Wolf and Bear’s before, but never really looked into the menu so I wasn’t sure what to expect!

Falafel wrap from Wolf and Bear's
Falafel wrap from Wolf and Bear’s

Nik ordered the basic Falafel wrap, which had some huge warm falafel patties, hummus, caramelized onions, roasted red peppers, grilled eggplant, parsley, and salad greens. The whole thing was drizzled with tahini sauce. The flavor combination was perfectly balanced! All of the sauces tasted very fresh, and there was a green sauce on the side that added a perfect clean and bitter bite to the falafel. Everything was cooked perfectly, and the falafel was very moist and not at all crumbly and dry like most falafels I’ve had at other restaurants. Wolf and Bear’s definitely knows how to make a good falafel!

Pickled pepper presentation!
Pickled pepper presentation!

The dishes both came with a side of pickles and other pickled things. They were very juicy and crunchy and paired well with the soft falafel.
I ordered the Out to Lunch, which is a falafel wrap stuffed with labneh, which is a creamy cheese made from cultured yogurt, gorgonzola crumbles, caramelized onions, roasted red peppers, falafel, salad greens, all drizzled with tahini and olive oil. It was delicious! There was a little too much gorgonzola for my taste, making it hard to taste any of the other more subtle flavors in the wrap. At least gorgonzola is something I like, so I still ate the whole thing! If I order this again I will definitely ask them for less gorgonzola. The sauce tasted amazing! I would have just preferred less of it. Again, everything in the original pita was delicious. The red peppers and onions were so tender and perfectly caramelized, the tahini was awesome, and the pita was so soft and warm!

A very tasty lunch indeed!
A very tasty lunch indeed!

We also tried one of their mint lemonades and it was so refreshing! It was a pretty warm day out so we definitely needed it. It was a little small to share but for one person it would have been the perfect size. I really enjoyed this place! It’s fun to get really well-prepared falafel from a food truck! Falafel is hard to perfect, and many restaurants I’ve been to still haven’t gotten it, but this little food truck definitely has! They even give away free bumper stickers (pictured above) so of course I have to come back! The prices are great, $7-8 for a huge wrap full of fresh ingredients that neither of us could finish!
We’ve been having such a great time in the city so far! If you have any suggestions as to where we should try the food next, shoot them to me! I’d love to try anything worth trying!


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