Bare Bones Café

Cheddar Bacon Waffle Sandwich...Yeah
Cheddar Bacon Waffle Sandwich…Yeah

2908 SE Belmont St.
Portland, OR 97214

Today we were faced with having to make a quick decision about food that wasn’t planned years in advance like I usually try to do. I’m extremely spontaneous! It had to be something very quick, very cheap, and very very delicious, but in a sit down environment that didn’t require a reservation for brunch on a Sunday at 10:00. It also had to be on Belmont street, because it was the street we were parked on and we had to find a spot to meet with some friends that didn’t require us to move our car. I didn’t think we would find something so close that fit all those requirements, but we did, and it was Bare Bones Café!

Brunch Bagel!
Brunch Bagel!

It feels like a typical quirky cafe you would find in Portland. It was bright and inviting, and the service was very fast! It also wasn’t very crowded in the dining room, even for a sunday brunch! It was quiet and warm, and they had a number of papers available to peruse while we waited for our friends. Nik ordered a mimosa but it wasn’t extremely strong, but it was a good amount for $4.
Bare Bones Cafe is an order at the counter kind of joint, and you also have to bus your own tables. That was fine because the food was brought out extremely quickly and it was delicious!
Nik ordered the Brunch Bagel, which was a toasted bagel topped with cream cheese, tomato, avocado, and a fried egg. It was pretty good. There was nothing special, ingredient-wise, but the high quality of everything on the bagel made it taste amazing!

Just one more angle on those scrumptious waffles...
Just one more angle on those scrumptious waffles…

I wanted the cheddar bacon waffles, but I also wanted an egg sandwich because I heard this place had good ones. Then I looked on the menu and found out I could have BOTH. So of course I ordered the cheddar bacon waffle sandwich. One egg over-medium, juicy tomato, and bitter greens all sandwiched between two fluffy, sweet and savory waffles slathered with garlic aioli. DAMN. I devoured this in a couple minutes. It was embarrassing. I had basically eaten all of it by the time our friends got there. I think I would have preferred my egg to be runny, but when I think about it too hard all I can imagine is the sandwich crumbling and falling apart in my hands. It was so messy already that a runny egg would have made it 10 times worse. The waffle was so tender and with the perfect amount of bacon and cheddar. It was not overwhelming so the sweet buttermilk flavors of the waffle still came through and rounded out this magnificent sandwich!

I'm a sucker for good signage.
I’m a sucker for good signage.

The prices this place boasts are great too! I don’t think there was one menu item over $10. This is definitely one of those hidden gems, far from downtown and close to suburbia. I’ll definitely be back for quick service and gourmet cheap eats!


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