Random Order

Tahitian Vanilla Sugar Salted Caramel Apple Pie. Try saying that one time fast, even!
Brandied Peach Pie from Random Order

1800 NE Alberta Street
Portland, OR 97211

Random Order is a Coffeehouse and Bakery located on Alberta Street. Their pies have garnered numerous awards, including an “America’s Best” award from Travel + Leisure magazine for their Vanilla Salted Caramel Apple Pie. I love pie, and they also serve breakfast so I thought it would be a perfect place to go to a quick brunch with some out of town friends! There’s not a ton of seating, but it was a very eclectic little bakery and I liked the atmosphere a lot.

Berry Pie
Berry Pie

Nik ordered a Ginger Hot Toddy but was disappointed with it. It was a bit too strong and with not much flavor backing it up. We all ordered a couple slices of pie to sample and a raspberry coconut muffin. The muffin was just ok. The texture was good but the berries had no flavor. Please note that this is all an objective opinion from the one day I visited, because I’m sure Random Order deserves every one of the awards they’ve received. I’m hoping they were just having an off day! I’m also not trying to dissuade anybody from visiting any restaurant that I had a less than stellar experience at. I’m just journaling my own experiences for you, readers!
One of our friends ordered a berry pie (pictured above) that I don’t think is on the usual menu, and I can’t quite remember what was in it! I tried a bite and thought it was quite good! I definitely would have preferred it warm, but the flavors were very good.

The World Famous
The World Famous

Nik ordered The World Famous, which comes with provolone, roasted red peppers, basil and a fried egg, all on toasted Ciabatta bread from Pearl Bakery. The presentation was so beautiful, with all the bright colors. You eat with your eyes first so I love when there is visual interest to a dish. The bread was fantastic, but the sandwich didn’t really have much flavor. A little salt would have fixed it!
I had the Brandied Peach pie (pictured up top) and it was delicious. Again, I would have preferred it to have been heated up before serving. The peaches were perfectly sweet and slightly tart, which is always what you want when baking with fruit. The brandy flavor wasn’t as strong in the pie as I hoped, but the overall taste of this pie was lovely. The crust on all the pies we ordered was top notch: perfectly buttery and flaky! Some of the best crust I’ve had, definitely. I could picture eating this pie (heated up) during a snow storm while curled up in front of my space heater grand fireplace. It was comforting to the max.

Curried Leek Pie from Random Order
Curried Leek Pie from Random Order

I’m not the kind of person that can eat sugar for breakfast and then go about my day without crying or taking a nap, so I chose a savory slice as well. The Curried Leek Pie caught my eye and I had to have that. To my surprise, this one was warm! This was my favorite pie of the day. The crust was excellent and I liked that there was a lot of it. The potatoes and leeks were perfectly cooked and the curry flavor was strong through the whole dish. I was so full, but I somehow managed to eat the whole thing and loved every bite of it.
All in all I would maybe go back for the savory pie and to maybe try the Tahitian Vanilla Salted Caramel Apple Pie, because that sounds absolutely ridiculous and I like it. You order at a counter and then pick up your food when it’s called out, so there wasn’t much service, but we didn’t have to wait very long for our pie. It got pretty busy around noon on the Sunday we went, but we managed to skip the rush by showing up around 11. We basically had the place to ourselves!
Stay tuned, more food is coming very soon!


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