La Bottega

Such a quaint exterior beckons you in!
Such a quaint exterior beckons you in!

1905 Main Street
Vancouver, WA 98660

While looking for something cheap to eat in Downtown Vancouver,, we stumbled across La Bottega Café and Deli. I love the charm on the outside that definitely followed through on the inside as well. It was very rustic, and the walls were lined with hundreds of beautiful bottles of wine! You can also purchase pre-made favorites off their menu to cook at home, such as ravioli, sauce, and soup. They have a full deli as well with tons of Italian meat and cheese. I’m definitely already a fan!

I like looking at food while I'm waiting for my food.
I like looking at food while I’m waiting for my food.

La Bottega has a great wine selection, as well as many local beers and ciders. Nik ordered a Spire Mountain Pear Cider, and it was lovely! Our waitress was wonderful and very helpful while we decided what to order. I also think she was on to me. I never want anyone in any restaurant to know I’m reviewing them because I don’t want special treatment, but I think she would have been as nice as she was anyway. Great service here! In the end, we decided to get a bruschetta plate starter and a pasta dish and share.

"Tre Bruschette" from La Bottega
“Tre Bruschette” from La Bottega

The Tre Bruschette plate came with three toasted slices of the good stuff, all topped with something different and delicious. The one closest to us on the right is drizzled with olive oil and topped with Dungeness Crab and wilted watercress. The buttery flavor of the fresh crab was very apparent! The watercress added a peppery herbal bite to the sweet crab. The one on top hosts a salad of shredded salt cod and roasted parsnips. The flavor on this one was very interesting. It was not at all fishy, and had more of an earthy taste from the parsnips. The texture was different as well, but I really loved this dish. The one on the left is spread with duck pate, which is duck meat and duck fat blended into a paste with spices and wine, usually. This one was delicious and the dollop of apple butter on top was the perfect sweet note to such a rich spread. The flavors are two I would never think to put together but it was definitely my favorite of the day!


For our pasta we ordered Amatriciana with Farfalle Pasta. This is a dish I’ve never tried before! The pasta sauce was delicious and had all the flavors of smoked bacon, caramelized onions, tomatoes and basil, and it was topped with a generous amount of Pecorino cheese. It reminded me of marinara if all the acidity of the tomatoes were cut by delicious, delicious bacon fat. The caramelized onions played their part as well! I don’t usually order red sauce on my pasta but this one was awesome, with great depth of flavor and perfectly cooked pasta to boot.
This is a great place for a fun, quick lunch with friends. The atmosphere is casual and very upbeat! I would definitely like to try dinner here eventually and see if there is a more romantic feeling in the evening, but for a lunch I definitely enjoyed myself! The prices were reasonable, $11 for our bruschetta and $13 for the pasta. And it was definitely more than we could eat!


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