Portland City Grill

Grilled Columbia River Steelhead
Grilled Columbia River Steelhead

111 SW 5th Ave. 30th Floor
Portland, OR 97204

One of my work friends and I were trying to decide where to eat for lunch, and she recommended we treat ourselves and go to the Portland City Grill. When I asked what was so special about this place, I learned that its located on the 30th floor of that huge pink building in the center of downtown (sorry, I don’t know the name, and I’m far too lazy to ever look it up. uuuuugh). After learning this I jumped at the opportunity to go there. I was in for a treat!

The restaurant wraps around the entire floor. I should have gotten shots of the windows but I was so overwhelmed!
The restaurant wraps around the entire floor. I should have gotten shots of the windows but I was so overwhelmed!

This place is so classy. After ascending 30 floors in 10 seconds on the fastest elevator ever, we walked in to the nicest restaurant I’ve ever seen. My first thought was that I was severely underdressed, even for lunch, but we saw quite a few people dressed very casually. This definitely seems like it should be a dress-code enforced place! We were led to a table right by a huge window with a gorgeous view of the city. The view alone is worth making it up to the 30th floor. The restaurant has windows all the way around it, so every table has an amazing view! Our server brought some freshly baked bread and butter to us and it was very good and still warm from the oven. We ordered pina coladas and were very impressed with the quality and freshness of the ingredients. No store-bought mix here! Portland City Grill also has a pretty extensive wine list and bar, and I’m sure I’ll be back to try their happy hour. The drinks look and sound amazing!

Shrimp Scampi from the lunch menu
Shrimp Scampi from the lunch menu

My friend ordered the Shrimp Scampi, which came with some very large prawns and a generous helping of capers. The pasta was expertly cooked, and the sauce was the best scampi sauce I’ve ever had. It actually had quite a kick to it, which was unexpected but made the dish something special! The shrimp were very plump and though there weren’t many shrimps, the dish was filling and I felt like everything was portioned very well. Both dishes we tried were on a different culinary level. This is an extremely high class restaurant! I tried the Grilled Columbia River Steelhead. It came with a pancetta mushroom risotto with little bites of asparagus, a pistachio pesto, and a caprese salad. The color on the salmon was absolutely gorgeous. I don’t think I’ve seen a more beautiful piece of fish! The pistachio pesto was underneath the fish and so you got little tastes of it with every bite. The flavors worked very well together and I kept going back to get bites on the pesto on its own, because it was so delicious! It had such intense flavor! The risotto was my favorite part of this dish. It was very rich and creamy with great flavor from the pancetta. The asparagus added a nice little herby crunch to the risotto. The caprese salad was fresh and light and was the perfect counterpoint to the dish. It was beautiful to look at and I still find myself thinking about it days later. This is a dish to go back for!

This view...I will definitely be going back!
This view…I will definitely be going back!

We had a great experience at this restaurant. The dinner menu is very pricy, so if you are on a budget I’d definitely recommend the lunch service for some high-end food that wont break the bank. Both of our entrees were $20 and we left full and with leftovers! The dishes look small but they were great portions. For the view and the incredible food, $20 sounds completely reasonable to me! Portland City Grill has a great happy hour and dinner service as well, and even a Sunday Brunch buffet that sounds incredible. If my wallet could handle it, I’d be back for all three within the week! I’ll have to settle for special occasions for now, but I will be back! Portland City Grill will not disappoint!


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