New King’s Buffet

Can't miss the sign!
Can’t miss the sign!

304 SE 123rd Ave
Vancouver, WA 98683

Those of you that know me well are very aware that I love going to buffets. Buffets are my inner fat-kid’s dream come true, and I will go to any length to make sure I can have some of everything. Yes, I am the eater at restaurants that wants a bite of everyone’s food. Buffets were made for me. So, I’ve decided to find the best buffet in the entire Portland/Vancouver area, and I am going to have to go through quite a few bad ones to get there. Here we go!

Sushi selections from the buffet
Sushi selections from the buffet

New King’s Buffet is one of those nondescript Asian buffets that every town has at least one of. I do not always count them out, because they can be awesome. Even if they’re not awesome, I’m known to frequent them because who doesn’t love vast amounts of Chinese food? Lo Mein by the bucket? I’m in. There’s definitely nothing special about the interior of New King’s Buffet. They aren’t trying to jazz it up much. I can respect that. They know who they are.
I tried the sushi and wasn’t impressed. It didn’t taste fresh, but not in a food-poisoning kind of way. Just not spectacular. There were a lot of sushi options, more than I’ve seen in a Chinese buffet, so maybe I just picked a couple of duds. Who knows! I also had some egg-flower soup and it was average at best.

Selections from the hot food buffet
Selections from the hot food buffet

The food wasn’t very hot, but there was a lot of it, and that’s enough for me sometimes. The lo mein was very good, and I ended up eating a lot of that. The rice noodles were also good. Beef and broccoli was good, orange chicken was even better, but the egg-foo young was very congealed. I love some good lukewarm chunky egg pancakes. The chicken skewer was my favorite part! It was actually very well prepared and quite delicious. I went back for seconds on those.

Pork and bean curd dumplings
Pork and bean curd dumplings

I did not like the bean curd dumpling, it was very sweet and pasty. The pork dumplings were delicious! I had about seven, and they were definitely my favorite thing from the buffet. Very good flavor on these. The other appetizers weren’t great. I usually love crab rangoons but these had a weird flavor to them. However, they did have the Chinese sugar donuts I am fond of so that was a winner for me. I judge Chinese buffets on whether or not they have the sugar donuts. On the website it said they had soft serve ice cream, but there wasn’t an ice cream station in the restaurant itself. In retrospect, a lot of the things on the online menu were not available in the restaurant. Eh.
Well, unless the buffet bucket is empty in this town, we know for certain this one’s not a winner, but it gets an A for effort…well maybe a C+.


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