N.Y.C. Pizzeria

Punjabi Special
Punjabi Special

700 SE Chkalov Dr. #1
Vancouver, WA 98683

I’m gonna say it. This place looks like absolutely nothing. It’s in a strip mall, and from the outside it looks like someone claiming to have authentic New York Style pizza, but I didn’t believe it. One day two of my friends were staying with us, and we had to find pizza within walking distance. N.Y.C. is conveniently located right next to my apartment so I figured we’d at least give them a try. Boy, am I glad we did. This is my new favorite pizza place! I hardly ever go out for pizza, but now that I’ve had N.Y.C. Pizzeria I definitely see myself becoming a regular. The inside of the shop totally surprised me, it looks like a nice little upbeat café. We picked up our pizza (we had ordered ahead, like smart people) and immediately noticed how beautiful the pizzas were. I was so pleasantly surprised! We had to endure the torture of walking an entire block home before trying these suckers.

A pizza of my own creation!
A pizza of my own creation!

I custom-ordered a pizza with white sauce, spinach, tomatoes, garlic, mushrooms, and meatballs. Yes, random, but I had a very specific craving! This pizza was awesome. The white sauce was not too thick and just added a nice bit of moisture to the pizza and complimented the cheese blend very well! The crust, also, was thick and crispy and had the perfect amount of chewiness. Not as thin as I expected, but I was in love with it nonetheless. The toppings all tasted extremely fresh and I felt like they were put on the pizza with care, not just tossed on like you would find at Dominos or another “fast food” pizza joint. The meatballs were the star player, nice and tender, succulent even (I’ve never called a meatball succulent but here you go) and with great flavor! I imagine N.Y.C.’s spaghetti and meatballs (they have pasta, calzones, and other Italian favorites on their menu as well) is wonderful and I will definitely have to try it!
We also noticed they had a couple non-Italian pizzas and we just had to try. We got the Punjabi Special, which was topped with fresh ginger, onion, roasted peppers, garlic, cilantro, and, here’s the best part: real tandoori chicken. Why is tandoori chicken living in an Italian restaurant? I have no idea, but there are several “Indian Pizzas” on the menu that I will have to go back to try. This was one of the best pizzas I’ve ever eaten! The chicken was perfect, and the quality was what you would expect from an authentic Indian restaurant, not a pizza joint! They were perfectly cooked and sported that bright red color typical to tandoori chicken. They did not skimp on it either! Every mouthful was a bright and zesty mix of flavorful chicken, biting ginger, crunchy onions and tangy garlic. There are no more words. This is pizza perfection.
I was extremely pleasantly surprised by how much I love this place. The prices weren’t high for what we got, either. We got two medium pizzas, with the custom one costing us around $14 and $17 for the Punjabi. I don’t usually go out for pizza, but this place makes me rethink that! I will definitely make N.Y.C. Pizzeria my go-to pizza joint in town!


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