Wonderful seasonal menu!
Wonderful seasonal menu!

Portland and Vancouver Area

Brunch.bou.tique is an offshoot of Herb N’ Roots Company, a Portland and Vancouver based catering company specializing in vegan and gluten free cuisines. We stumbled upon them at the Vancouver Saturday Market, and it was impossible not to be drawn in by the menu displayed prominently on the chalkboard. I’m always interested in finding gluten free foods that excite me, and was excited to see that they were offering a gluten free and vegan biscuits and gravy!

Gluten free and vegan biscuits and gravy
Gluten free and vegan biscuits and gravy

I was impressed with the amount of biscuits topping this huge bowl of seasonal veggies and delicious gravy! The biscuits were soft and had great flavor, but the gravy had made them a little soggy. I would have preferred a crispier biscuit, but these were good for being gluten free! The veggies were a great alternative to sausage, and just as delicious. The gravy was delicious, and I wouldn’t have known that it was vegan just by tasting it! This was a very wholesome, filling dish for a cold day!

Chicken and Waffle Tacos!
Chicken and Waffle Tacos!

We had to try the Chicken and Waffle tacos when we saw they had them on the menu. We got two of them because they were pretty cheap. The chicken was cornflake crusted, which I really enjoyed and it stayed very crispy even with the delicious collard green slaw on top. The waffle was very thin and crispy, and did not fall apart even though there was so much goodness on this taco! The sweetness in the waffle really tied together everything and made this a dish worth trying!
Brunch.bou.tique shows up at many farmers markets around town. You can follow Herb N’ Roots Company on Facebook to see when they’ll have their booth available next! There are options for many diets and you’ll find something delicious for everyone on their menu, and the prices are great as well. I paid $9 for the biscuits and gravy, and only $6 for two Waffle tacos ($3 each!) Healthy, and hearty food!


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