Tito’s Burritos PDX

The name isn't really displayed, so here's a picture of the exterior so you can find it!
The name isn’t really displayed, so here’s a picture of the exterior so you can find it!

SW 10th Ave
Portland, OR 97204

It’s been three months that Nik and I have been calling Portland “home”, and I feel like we’ve been assimilating to Pacific Northwest culture quite well! The food is incredible, real, and inspired. The people are some of the kindest I’ve ever met, from all walks of life, and the sights are some of the most gorgeous I’ve ever seen. There is one thing I miss a ton about California though, and that’s the Mexican food. Cali, you guys are killin’ it down there. There’s nothing quite like it. So, as a result, we’ve begun to search out some good authentic Mexican food in town, a lot of which comes from food trucks. That’s where Tito’s Burritos comes in. Somehow, I managed to make it three months without getting Mexican food (I’ve been making a ton of it at home lately) but I had to give in!

A burrito bigger than a human fore-arm is a MUST.
A burrito bigger than a human forearm is a MUST.

First, a good authentic California burrito has got to be unnecessarily huge. The ones we got from Tito’s were pretty big, but I’ve definitely seen larger from some of the Mexican Markets in Santa Maria. That’s fine, because I really don’t need that much food on a daily basis. I’ve also decided to stop comparing the two, because they’re different animals completely. California can have its burritos, but I’m here now! So lets do this!

Pastor Burrito
Pastor Burrito

Pastor is my favorite. It’s kind of like Mexican sweet and sour pork. I just thought of that right now and it’s actually pretty accurate when you think about it. Marinated with chiles and sweet pineapple, pastor is tender and flavorful. This pastor was all that and was extra bright from the pineapple, which I enjoyed with the black beans, which I’m not used to having in my burritos! The rice added nice texture and flavor and didn’t become too mushy when mixed with the beans. The flavors mingled well together and didn’t become muddled. I ordered mine with guacamole, and I actually don’t think I found it on the burrito, sadly. Other than that, is a really good burrito!

Chicken Burrito
Chicken Burrito

My friend ordered a chicken burrito and allowed me to try it because I’m very demanding. The chicken tasted fresh and juicy, and there wasn’t a ton of seasoning so the chicken flavor really stood out. The other toppings were the same as the ones on mine, and they were all consistent and yummy. I liked the pastor better, but it’s probably just because I like pastor better than chicken in general.
All in all, a great cart to check out if you want a good burrito! They have tacos and other favorites as well, and I’d like to stop by again and check those out! I can’t remember what the burritos were priced, but I know it was very reasonable. That’s all for now!


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