Cultured Caveman PDX

Cultured Caveman Portland
Meatballs with Rosemary Sweet Potatoes and Warm Collards with Bacon

SW 3rd Ave & SW Stark
Portland, OR 97204

If you have a specialized diet, whether you’re a vegan, paleo, or otherwise restricted, it can be tough to find quick food on the go without scouring over the menu for hours trying to find something you can eat. That’s why Cultured Caveman was opened. It’s the first fully paleo restaurant in Portland, and I stopped by their downtown cart to give it a try! I’m not paleo, but I do like to cut carbs sometimes (sweet, sweet carbs) so I jumped at the opportunity to feel good about what I’m eating while still eating at a food cart. Life is confusing sometimes.

Paleo Cookies from Cultured Caveman
Paleo Cookies from Cultured Caveman

At Cultured Caveman, you can choose to go vegetarian, omnivore, or carnivore. I got an omnivore bowl with Mini Meatballs, Sweet Potato Mash, and the server even threw some Warm Collards and Bacon on it just because! The meatballs are made with heart and liver, but I didn’t notice a huge difference. They were very meaty since there’s not breadcrumbs binding everything together, but that was fine because Meat. The flavor was good, if a little bland. My sweet potatoes were very well cooked, but I would have liked more salt or something to bring out a more savory flavor. They were overwhelmingly sweet, and I had to mix them with the collards and bacon to bring the sugar down a little bit. The collards and bacon were divine, by the way!

Grass-Fed All Meat Chili
Grass-Fed All Meat Chili

I also tried the chili by itself, and I really liked it. This had really good flavor and I didn’t miss the beans at all. The meat could have been a little more tender for the amount of money I paid for my serving, but the spices and consistency made the dish very yummy. I bought a cookie as well for $1, but it was about the size of a dollar coin. It was good, and a little spicy, but definitely not big enough to be $1, paleo or not!
All in all, this is a great cart for people that need to eat gluten free or paleo. They have great options and the prices are alright ($8 for each bowl), especially since they are paleo. This place makes paleo food work, the only thing they need to work on is their seasoning. Happy eating!


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