Mon Ami

Coconut Curry Latte
Coconut Curry Latte

1906 Main St
Vancouver, WA 98660

As much as I love Portland, sometimes I just want to stay in Vancouver and enjoy the small-town feel that reminds me so much of SLO! Today was wonderfully rainy after weeks of heat, so we went out for coffee and crepes at the quaintest little café in Downtown Vancouver.

French Club Crepe
French Club Crepe

First off, the coconut curry latte was amazing! I don’t usually go for coffee, but when I saw this flavor combo I had to try it. Sweet and spicy and rich, this was a winner.
We ordered at the counter and it was quite a long wait before we got our crepes. There weren’t a ton of people in the restaurant so it was a bit odd. When they finally came out to us we dug in! I tried the French Club Crepe, which was filled with apricot jam, bacon, sliced brie and hickory smoked turkey. I like my sweet/savory items so this was definitely winning my favor. The batter was slightly sweet, and even though the apricot jam was sweet as well, the salty bacon and turkey balanced it and the brie was just perfect, as brie usually is.

Creamy Wild Smoked Salmon Crepe!
Brie and Jam Crepe

The smoked salmon crepe (not pictured) was really mouthwateringly tasty! It was a buckwheat batter crepe with wild smoked salmon, sour cream, cream cheese, dill and fresh tomatoes. Sometimes smoked salmon crepes can be a bit too rich, but the dill and the tomatoes really brought a refreshing quality to the savory crepe. The salmon was flaky and delicious.
We decided to finish off our meal with a sweet crepe, so we chose one with apple butter and brie cheese (I like brie cheese, okay?) The crepe batter wasn’t too sweet, so the apple butter really stood out. It tasted very fresh and complimented the brie. A very rich, delightful dessert. I love apple butter so it definitely hit the spot!
All in all, I enjoyed our experience at Mon Ami. I was disappointed with the service, and the room felt a bit cramped despite there not being many people there, but it was cozy and charming and felt like home.
Sorry in advance for my posting less often lately; school and work have been kicking my butt and I hardly have time to go out to eat anymore, much less sit down at the computer to write out a review and upload pictures! I promise though, there are more posts coming! I’m too in love with food to stop!



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