Beda’s Biergarten

Super cute, authentic exterior and patio

3230 Broad St
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

German food is pretty hard to come by in California, especially on the Central Coast! When I heard about this place, I was so excited to try it out. I’d never tried German food before and was excited to taste something new. The restaurant is adorable, and has a quaint little outdoor patio so you can sip your beer and enjoy some SLO sunshine. It was cold out so we opted to sit inside, but I’ll be back to dine on the patio as soon as winter is over! Inside is pretty cramped but we managed to find a table for four of us.

Gulasch Pommes Frites

We started out with beer (yes, it comes in boots here!), wine, and the Gulasch Pommes Frites. Holy moly, this dish is pure comfort food! Beda’s makes their own french fries and tops them with hearty Gulasch (a meat stew seasoned with paprika), smoked Gouda and onions. This is a great starter, but I could definitely order it as a main dish as well. The fries were fresh and crispy, and the perfect vehicle for the heavy Gulasch. The meat was extremely juicy and a bit smoky, and the Gouda was the cherry on top of this beautiful dish. You will not be disappointed with Gulasch Pommes Frites!

Schnitzel Wiener Art

It took some effort to say the name of this dish without cracking a silly grin, but we managed and it was delicious. I’d never tried Schnitzel and I happily tried this pork version. I believe traditional Schnitzel is made with veal, but pork was a fine substitute. The meat was perfectly tender and the breading was crispy and flavorful. This was definitely the most traditional German dish we ordered!


I ordered the Schnizelbrot, which was pork Schnitzel, caramelized onion, tomatoes, baby kale and lemon aioli on a Pretzel Roll. This was one of my favorite sandwiches I’ve had in quite a while! The Schnitzel lends itself perfectly to a sandwich, and the lemon aioli brightened up the heavy fried pork and gave everything a fresh zing. The caramelized onions were perfect as well, and the Pretzel Roll….Oh, the Pretzel Roll was like a dream! The sandwich comes with fries or a salad, but we substituted our side for Rotkohl, which is a warm red cabbage. This was so yummy and different; the cabbage was sweet and tasted as if it was boiled in a savory cider, complete with mulling spices. So delicious.

If you’re craving something different in SLO, look no further than this gem. I certainly felt like I was in a cheerful German pub, full of beer and warmth. If you’re feeling daring, order your German beer in a boot-shaped glass, but beware; it looks like an epic serving! Prost!


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