Chez Dodo PDX

I love that there's a little bar so you can actually sit down to eat!
I love that there’s a little bar so you can actually sit down to eat!

427 SW Stark Street,
Portland OR 97204

“Proudly bringing traditional Mauritian food to Portland. Inspired by African, French, Indian, Chinese and Creole cuisines.”
I’ve never even heard of Mauritian food, but it sounds like it’s a little bit of everything I like! Chez Dodo is a name I hear often in Portland, so I thought we might as well give it a try, and sample something we’ve never heard of before! The cart itself is adorable, with a definite island-vibe and extremely kind and helpful staff. I love that there is seating, because it can be hard to find somewhere to sit down and enjoy your meal in Downtown Portland! After ordering the cashier said to us, “Just so you know, you guys ordered about four meals…” to which I said “that is so okay with me” because our total came out to $24! And we did end up having enough food to feed us for two days!

Chef Shyam's famous Samosas, or "Shyamosas"
Chef Shyam’s famous Samosas, or “Shyamosas”

I love samosas, and if you’re an avid reader you may remember a review in which I talked about how much I loved a particular restaurant’s samosas. When I ordered the Shyamosas from Chez Dodo, I knew they were going to be huge but I was still surprised by how gargantuan these babies ended up being. It was only $7 for two of these things, and there was enough that we could have eaten these as an entire meal! Holy wow! They were incredible! The pastry was flaky and awesome, and the filling was a spiced potato mixture with tons of veggies. The mint-cilantro chutney and sweet chili sauce were the star players though. The flavors in these were out of this world! I will definitely be coming back for the Shyamosas alone!

The Veggie Special
The Veggie Special

The special of the day was a curry with pumpkin, taro, and bell-peppers. I ordered that with the Dholl Puri, which is a traditional Mauritian flat-bread that functions as a tortilla. There was so much food. Once again, one order can easily serve as a full meal for two people. You are definitely getting more than your money’s worth! This tasted like no curry I’ve ever had before! The pumpkin was sweet and very well cooked, and the spices in the curry complimented it perfectly. The Dholl Puri was a little chewier than a tortilla, and gave the dish a little more texture. I loved this dish!

Chicken Mee Foon
Chicken Mee Foon

We also ordered Chicken Mee Foon. Mee Foon is a stir-fried rice noodle, and we loved it because it was so much lighter than a traditional noodle, which in turn meant we could eat way more of it! This dish didn’t have a strong curry flavor like I was expecting it would; it was more savory, and the chicken had a very smoky taste. It was delicious, and I was glad the two dishes tasted so different!
I loved how easy it was to order at this cart. It can be intimidating to order dishes when you have no idea what they are, but Chez Dodo made it very simple. First you choose between pan-fried noodles, stir-fried rice noodles, rice and veggies, or Dholl Puri. Then you can add your chicken, lamb, or veggies, and finally decide how hot you want your dish! Everyone in the cart was super nice and helpful, and I appreciated that very much!
Prices here were great. $7 for two huge Shyamosas, my curry dish was $9, and Nik’s chicken dish was $8. And keep in mind, both dishes fed two people! You get a ludicrous amount of food with each order! I love it! You could just pick up one or two dishes on your way home from work and easily feed your whole family. Love it. How many times can I say I love something? I really love Chez Dodo!


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